– Machines and Electricity –

Machines have stopped working and we need to learn about their characteristics to repair them. First we start researching about machines in our everyday environment. After that, we travel to the museum of simple machines to learn more about them and repair a lift. This lift will take us to the complex machines scene where we learn their characteristics and we are going to be able to identify the simple machines that shape them. We end up fixing a TV and a game console, fixing all the machines in the world.

Electricity has gone off in the city. To discover what happened, we get to the dam where we learn the basics of electricity and fix  the turbines so that the dam works again.  We continue our way back to the city and discover electric circuits. We can even make one ourselves!  Once in the city, power does not return until we work on the magnetism phenomenon and build a compass with which we reach the place where we can get the electricity supply back to the city.

Our students receive a help message. They have to travel to find a civilization that is backwards in technology and needs our resources. We help them while learning about the first discoveries humanity made. When we arrive to the city, we discover inventions and improvements in transport, houses, sports… We trade with the people in the city, we build a train and a communications tower, and we participate in their free time activities.


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