Mathematics - Mine Academy
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A storm reaches the base where we are researching and we need to alert all the villages nearby. This is the beginning of our adventure on the plane and space topic. Then we learn about angles, their classification and how to measure them with activities both inside and outside the game. At the same time, students have to alert the villages about the storm. Later on, we learn about transformations in a fortress. To return to the bass we have to cross an iced-land working with coordinates and maps.



Our sister has lost the parts of a toy at home and we need to help her find them. We are learning about plane figures at the same time. In the living room we study the polygons. Then we move to the garage an the pantry, where we work with triangles. Once we have found some of the pieces, we can go to the garden and study quadrilaterals. The last piece can be found in the sister’s bedroom, where we study the circle and circumference.



The class pet has disappeared and we must look for it throughout the school. At the same time, we discover geometric shapes. First in class, then walking along the school corridors, the playground… until we get to the headmaster office. We study polyhedra and round shapes, building some of them and identifying others, until we reach the room where we find our pet safe and sound.