– Minehacking –

Viruses attack Code City, a city located inside a computer, and only we can stop them with the help of our Agent.  In this first level we learn how to move our Agent to achieve different goals and to code it to pick materials and objects to face the viruses.  Finally, we code building and movement orders to repair Code City and build our own house.

In this second level, we continue collaborating with the city and helping them rebuild the chip houses of some inhabitants.  We learn to use conditionals, loops and variables in coding. We also use commands to build spheres and command blocks that allow us to enter coding in Minecraft without using the Agent.  At the end, we learn to write names working with the relative position of the player.

In the last level we learn to use Redstone, a Minecraft material that extends coding possibilities. This material allows us to activate doors and build secret doors.  Then we use command block to create conditionals. At this point of the mission, students can build their own adventure in their own game world.


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