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What is MineAcademy?


MineAcademy is a project of digital educational contents created to address the Primary and Secondary Education curriculum in the classroom using Minecraft: Education Edition as a vehicle for learning.

MineAcademy  aims to turn students into team players to develop, through different missions, the competences required in the official curriculum.







New contents in progress: Geography, Music…


How we work in MineAcademy

We use active methodologies and the most advanced learning and knowledge technologies to estimulate the digital competence.

In each teaching unit,  students will be the main characters of an adventure that , together with comics, storytelling and online contents, will allow them to learn by playing

  • Game-based learning
  • Discovery-based learning
  • Cooperative learning

Office 365 Environment

All the necessary contents for the development of the project can be found in the Office 365 platform, therefore providing security, stability and the possibility to collaborate in class.

Teaching Guide

MineAcademy is more than a game. It’s a curricular content. It allows to complete our classroom methodology giving the students a leading role on the teaching-learning process. The teacher is provided with a complete teaching guide to develop each session.

Training and Resources

Every school or educational centre using MineAcademy have access to our Minecraft training and online resources catalogue: Education Edition, Office 365 and Minecraft methodology.

Competence-Based Assessment

We propose a complex learning assessment system. Each mission is designed taking into account competences, perfectly linking these with the proposed contents and activities. Through an evidence guide and the students self-assessment, the teacher evaluates the development and satisfaction of the group.

Theoretical-Practical Online and Offline Activities

In each mission, students research, read, discuss, reflect, plan, take decisions, write, create and build using Minecraft and web 2.0 apps as well as posters, notebooks and other offline materials.

Adventure and Challenges

Students learn the curricular contents by living an adventure, in which they must face different tests. Overcoming these challenges they do not only enjoy learning, but also strengthen their knowledge of contents studied in the unit.

MineAcademy Schools

  • Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica
  • Colegio Internacional SEK Chile
  • Colegios Gredos San Diego
  • Colegio Brains (Madrid)
  • Colegio Bristol (Madrid)
  • Colegio SEK Atlántico-Pontevedra
  • CEIP Enrique Alonso (Avilés)
  • Colegio Alarcón (Madrid)
  • Colegio El Valle Alicante (Alicante)
  • Colegio El Valle Sanchinarro (Madrid)
  • Colegio El Valle Las Tablas (Madrid)
  • Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Valencia)
  • Escuelas Pías Jaca (Jaca)
  • Colegio San Agustín (Valladolid)
  • Colegio Cristo Rey Jaén (Jaén)
  • Colegio Sagrada Familia – Hijas de Jesús (Valladolid)
  • Colegio Internacional SEK Levante (Valencia)
  • CEIP Liceo Mierense (Mieres)
  • Mare de Déu del Carme (Tarragona)
  • Escuela Horacio Cora (Puerto Rico)

FAQ’s about MineAcademy

1. What do I need to use MineAcademy in my school?

You need devices with Windows10 or Mac OS X El Capitan or iPads and Minecraft: Education Edition licenses. If your center does not have the licenses, we able to facilitate you a way to get them.

2. How can I buy Minecraft: Education Edition licenses?

Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) is the educative version of Minecraft with which MineAcademy develop their units. M:EE licenses can be bought with a Microsoft Office365 Education environment.

If you do not have a Microsoft environment at school or you cannot buy M:EE licenses, contact us and we will help you through the process, so you can use MineAcademy in your classroom.

3. If teachers in my school do not know how to play Minecraft: Education Edition, can we use MineAcademy?

Of course. Before using MineAcademy in the classroom all teachers who participate in the project receive a training about the units and they have access to different resources to learn the basics about Minecraft and MineAcademy.

4. What is MineAcademy School Program?

MineAcademy School Program is a program with which you can be part of the MineAcademy Community, know other teachers and schools that are using MineAcademy in their classroom and get resources and merchandising exclusive of the Project.

5. What do I have to do to be part of the MineAcademy School Program?

To participate in the MineAcademy School Program you only need to use some of MineAcademy units in your classroom.

6. How much does MineAcademy cost?

MineAcademy is a complete service that gives teachers all the tools needed to develop each unit of the project. Acording to the schools needs the price of MineAcademy changes. Contact us and we will elaborate a custom budget for your school.

7. What services MineAcademy include?

For each unit, MineAcademy offers an online working space for teachers with specific resources about Minecraft and the unit. Also, the teachers receive training and assistance during the time the project is being developed in the school.

8. What resources include each unit of MineAcademy?

In each MineAcademy unit you can find:

  • Lesson plan with the activities inside and outside the game and their solution.
  • Index of the lesson plan.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition world.
  • Printable resources.
  • Comic.
  • Index of complementary NPCs in the world.
  • Online working space for teachers.
  • Online working space for students.

9. How is created the educational content of the units?

MineAcademy team has teachers specialized in Primary and Secondary Education to create the units, so all of the units reach different learning objectives and skills.

10. Why MineAcademy?

MineAcademy is a solution to incorporate Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom, easily and efficiently, working with curricular content and gamification processes. Also, it offers an engagement environment for students, improving the learning process.

Contact us


For more information about MineAcademy you can contact us using this form

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